Surface Go vs iPad Whats the Difference

How these two budget tablets really stack up In the battle of the budget tablets, the two key names to stand out are the Apple iPad and Surface Go 2. Both are similarly priced and offer the same level of features. If you’re wondering who wins in the battle of iPad vs SurfaceContinue Reading

How to Convert a PowerPoint to Video

If you’re creating a PowerPoint presentation, you’re looking to share information. Whether it’s purely text-based information, or if you’ve added videos or screen recordings for a more visual approach, a PowerPoint file shares your data with your audience. That is, of course, as long as PowerPoint is available to use. If you want toContinue Reading

Screen Mirror

Mirror or even control your phone’s screen on your PC On Your Phone for Android, set up Link your phone and PC and open Your Phone Windows 10 app to complete the connection. iOS devices require the use of third-party mirroring apps. This article explains how to use the Your Phone app to connect an AndroidContinue Reading