Sadiq Khan victorious as he secures second term as London mayor with majority

Sadiq Khan won a second term as London mayor tonight after securing an ultimately decisive victory over Shaun Bailey. Labour incumbent Mr Khan polled 1,206,034 votes – the second highest total in the history of the London mayoralty – compared with 977,601 for his Tory challenger. This gave Mr KhanContinue Reading

Is Caitlyn Jenner a Republican Olympian Who Once Backed Trump Running for California Governor

Caitlyn Jenner has officially entered California’s gubernatorial race and while she’ll be running as a Republican, she plans to distance herself from former President Donald Trump. Jenner launched her campaign website on Friday, the same day she filed paperwork to run. She’ll be challenging Governor Gavin Newsom, who faces a recall, forContinue Reading

Britains ‘brutal cuts to overseas aid put African science projects in peril

For two years, the Rwandan-born scientist Anita Etale has been leading efforts to develop cheap methods to clean contaminated water supplies, a widespread problem in Africa. Based at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa, Etale had a £300,000 grant from Britain’s Royal Society in 2019 to build a team ofContinue Reading

Meghan Markle the UK press and the problem of diversity

Journalists across the industry came together in a show of allyship to counter Murray’s assertion. ITV News anchor Charlene White pulled out of the Society’s National Press Awards, due to be held on March 31. White, the first Black woman to present ITV News at Ten, wrote: “Perhaps it’s best for you to look elsewhere for a host for your awards this year. Perhaps someone whose views align with yours.”Continue Reading

Taboos around menstruation are leading to a growing environmental crisis in India

Three women sorting out garbage in Dharavi, India, in 2013. Frank Bienewald / Alamy Stock Photo Taboos around menstruation and notions of dirt and shame are leading India’s consumers and waste pickers to contribute to a growing environmental crisis. The country is already struggling to efficiently manage all kinds of waste. My new research hasContinue Reading

Coronavirus one year on two countries that got it right and three that got it wrong

While some leaders were swinging into action, Boris Johnson was shaking hands with COVID patients. Will Oliver On March 11 2020, the World Health Organization declared that the COVID-19 public health emergency had become a pandemic: 114 countries were affected, there were 121,500 confirmed cases and more than 4,000 people had succumbed toContinue Reading

Myanmar coup on how China could help resolve the crisis

Resistance to the military coup is hardening in Myanmar. EPA-EFE/Maung Lonlan As the west scrambles for realistic and effective options in response to the recent coup in Myanmar, eyes are increasingly falling on its large neighbour to the north. What, if anything, is China prepared to do to de-escalate tensions, including bringing violence toContinue Reading