Woman finds World War Two room untouched for decades hidden in storage cupboard

Mia Gray discovered a World War Two air raid shelter hidden in what she had assumed was the storage room of her building in Edinburgh, years after moving into the tenement with her family. Mia and other residents discovered the shelter after clearing out the room. A woman was leftContinue Reading

Fearsome And Fantastic Ways The Mongol Empire Altered The Course Of History

Think of the Mongols and you’ll probably picture hordes of wild warriors on horseback charging across endless landscapes as they brutally conquer all before them. That stereotype is not completely off the mark, but actually there was much more to Genghis Khan’s rule than just pillage and slaughter. Europe canContinue Reading

Abdallah Al Mouallimi alerted the council to the continued military hostilities committed by the Houthis against the Kingdom

Attacks against the Kingdom prove that these Iran-backed militias ‘only believe in terrorist behavior to reach their narrow political aims,’ top Saudi envoy writes in letter seen by Arab News Abdallah Al-Mouallimi: Houthis continue to ignore and violate Security Council resolutions and international humanitarian law NEW YORK: Saudi Arabia urgedContinue Reading