Who are the loyalists in Northern Ireland and why are they rioting

Politicians from across the spectrum have condemned the ongoing outbreak of violence in Northern Ireland following another night of chaos in the province. Boris Johnson said he was “deeply concerned” by further scenes of rioting, and leaders at the Stormont Assembly have been recalled early to discuss the unrest inContinue Reading

Bristol rioters disgusting act at feet of police during Kill the Bill protest

Revolting protesters were seen ‘defecating at the feet of police officers’ during the Bristol riots last night. An evening of violence in the city saw 20 police officers hurt, including one with collapsed lung. Seven people have so far been arrested following the ugly clashes. As Bristol was left picking upContinue Reading

Twenty police officers hurt including one with collapsed lung after being stamped on as Kill the Bill rioters wreak havoc

  Why are there riots in Bristol? ‘Kill the Bill’ protest explained after police clashes The ‘Kill the Bill’ protests in Bristol turned into riots, leaving 20 police officers injured and critics of the Government’s plans to rein in demonstrations worried they will only increase support for crackdown The streetsContinue Reading

Heres what you can do if youre angry about the government without smashing up Bristol

Riots lose the argument and make the authorities crack down harder, says Fleet Street Fox. Have you tried the alternatives? There’s nothing more likely to cause a riot than an authoritarian crackdown. And there’s nothing more likely to cause an authoritarian crackdown than a riot, which is why those inContinue Reading

What happened to Blessing Olusegun Students death has chilling similarities to Sarah Everard case

Student’s death has chilling similarities to Sarah Everard case… Blessing Olusegun was 21-years-old when her body was discovered on a beach in East Sussex in September last year.  She was alone, with nothing but her iPhone and slippers a few metres from her body. Her death has been deemed as “unexplained” by SussexContinue Reading

Two arrested for attacking Capitol officer Brian Sicknick with bear spray hours before his death

Two men have been charged with the alleged assault of police officer Brian Sicknick, who later died following the Capitol riot in January, according to reports. Julian Elie Khater, 32, of Pennsylvania and George Pierre Tanios, 39, of West Virginia, were arrested on Sunday and will appear in court today, The Washington Post reported.Continue Reading