A Canadian oil firm thinks it has struck big Some fear it could ravage a climate change hotspot

Striking oil here could be worth billions of dollars. Not everyone is happyContinue Reading

Everything You Need To Know About Florida Water

All things woo-woo (a term I’m choosing to use endearingly) have become far more trendy this past year or two. I mean, Astrology has always been popular as I’ve mentioned before but we’re seeing people get more into all things spiritual, whether they’re aware of its roots or not — from wrapped crystals to smudging of sacred spaces (i.e.Continue Reading

Meet The Worlds Most Unconventional Pets – And The Owners Who Adore Them

Image: YouTube/Beastly / Instagram/pumpkintheraccoon / YouTube/4 Ever Green If you think you know someone with an odd pet, think again. We bet these 20 people have them beat! They’re best buds with some of the wildest creatures imaginable. If you’ve ever wanted to see someone hug a hippo or cuddle a kangaroo, then read on.Continue Reading

Fearsome And Fantastic Ways The Mongol Empire Altered The Course Of History

Think of the Mongols and you’ll probably picture hordes of wild warriors on horseback charging across endless landscapes as they brutally conquer all before them. That stereotype is not completely off the mark, but actually there was much more to Genghis Khan’s rule than just pillage and slaughter. Europe canContinue Reading


Numerous social media users and bloggers have shared photographs of statues in an underwater sculpture park, in posts that say that they were built as a tribute to slaves thrown overboard during the Atlantic slave trade between the 16th and 19th centuries. The artist, Jason deCaires Taylor, has clarified thatContinue Reading

The new coronavirus mutation is spreading rapidly in these 2 states

Many Bible readers are familiar with the plague in Egypt at the time of the Exodus (Exod 7:14–12:32)—water turning to blood and infestations of frogs, lice, flies, locusts, and the like. With coronavirus on everyone’s mind, questions abound of whether the word “pandemic” appears in the Bible, too. The short answer isContinue Reading

Most adults will remember spending much of their childhood playing outdoors without much parental supervision. But fears for children’s safety plus the demands of modern life mean many parents don’t allow their children the same freedoms. We live in an age where people have distanced themselves from nature in favour of aContinue Reading

Using forests to manage carbon: a heated debate

The best way of managing trees and forests for climate change and accounting for contributions of forests and forestry activities in carbon budgets remains hotly contested. Forests can either take up carbon dioxide (CO₂) or release more CO₂ into the atmosphere. Wood can substitute fossil fuels or energy-intensive materials, butContinue Reading