Mozambique insurgency Unseen pictures show carnage of Islamic State attack that killed British man

Dozens were killed in an attack last month in the town of Palma – with Briton Philip Mawer among them.Continue Reading

Fearsome And Fantastic Ways The Mongol Empire Altered The Course Of History

Think of the Mongols and you’ll probably picture hordes of wild warriors on horseback charging across endless landscapes as they brutally conquer all before them. That stereotype is not completely off the mark, but actually there was much more to Genghis Khan’s rule than just pillage and slaughter. Europe canContinue Reading

Women in UK armed forces face hostile environment if they report bullying

© Photograph: Tim Graham/Alamy Male and female officer cadets at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy. Women who serve in the armed forces find that they face “a hostile environment” when they are victims of bullying or harassment and try to complain, according to candid testimony given to a parliamentary committee on Thursday.Continue Reading