What Is My Guardian Angels Name

Guardian angels aren’t just the protagonists of woo-woo bedtime stories for tots—they’re spiritual guides that can help you navigate real adventures here on Earth. Think of them as divine life coaches. Once you start to get to know your guardian angels, it will become much easier to sense their presence and recognize whenContinue Reading

Despite Having Dyslexia These Twin Brothers Earned Over M in Scholarships

Brin and Nial Wilson, twin brothers from Shreveport, Louisiana who have overcome the challenges of dyslexia, were offered over $2.5 million in college scholarships. The brothers, who graduated last year from Captain Shreve High School, had always done well in their math and science coursework, but they found their readingContinue Reading

Father and Son Launch Program to Educate Disadvantaged Communities About Financial Literacy

Meet Kevon and Kamari Chisolm, the father and son founders of Junior Wallstreeters, Inc, a new nonprofit organization focusing on decreasing the wealth gap between disadvantaged groups and whites. The motto of the organization is: Empowering Youth with Financial Wellness; Today’s Investors Started Yesterday. Before the pandemic, the average net wealthContinue Reading

Leadership Academy for Black Boys Formerly Held at Princeton University is Available Online

Featuring motivational speaker and best-selling author Dennis Kimbro Lawrenceville, NJ — Uplifting the Black male’s education and value in the African-American community are more important now than ever. The From the Fire Leadership Academy for high school male students of color is now accepting applications for its celebrated summer program. Dates for theContinue Reading

Largest Black Doll Show to Open a Black Doll Museum in Shipping Containers

Sandra Epps decided to turn her negative into a positive after surviving three near-death experiences due to lupus. In 2005, she established Sandy’s Land where the mission is to party with a purpose, to encourage women and girls to “Love the Skin They’re In!” Presently, Sandy’s Land LLC conducts artContinue Reading

Princeton University Summer Program For Black Teen Girls Now Available Online

Black excellence and effective leadership are essential for a thriving African-American community to survive any world crisis. Jacqueline Glass-Campbell, CEO of At the Well Conferences, Inc. (ATW), celebrates molding the masterminds of tomorrow by introducing At the Well Young Women’s Leadership Academy’s Online Weekend Intensive Program. Per the COVID-19 socialContinue Reading

Author Releases Illustrated Guide to African American History With Pages

Color ‘n America by Roy Wyatt is an illustrated guide to the African-American pursuit of freedom and history in the United States of America. The book is a must-have for anyone wanting to know the African-American experience. An excellent source of information, it makes a great addition to any household, church,Continue Reading

Black Couple Owners of Natural Skin Care Brand Open Sq Ft Warehouse and Hire Employees

With five years of growth and a global pandemic under their belt, Herb ‘N Eden is more prepared now than ever to usher herbal skincare into 2021. In fact, preparation is a key focus as advice for their customers and their business strategy going forward. “When you treat herbs as partContinue Reading

Advisor Creates Black America Wealth Strategy to Close Growing Racial Wealth Gap Ushering in a Model for Self Reparations

Kelvin Harris, president and CEO of Kel-Star Consulting, a full-service business solutions and wealth strategy advisory firm, is on a mission to educate the Black community on the basic financial concepts, principles, and secret financial strategies used by the wealthiest 1% — and to close the wealth gap by empowering theContinue Reading

Year Old Historically Black Community in Michigan Continues to Struggle After Years of Disenfranchisement and Racial Inequity

If you live in one of 10 contiguous South Oakland County, Michigan suburbs (one of the wealthiest counties in the United States), you are living on the stolen land and looted lives of a historically Black community called Royal Oak Township, dating back to 1819 and before Michigan’s 1837 statehood.Continue Reading

First Black Woman to Receive a Ph D in Computer Science and Engineering at Univ of South Florida

Tampa Bay, FL — Dr. Shamaria Engram has become the first Black woman to graduate from the Computer Science and Engineering doctoral program at the University of South Florida since the program launched 40 years ago. Almost all her life, Engram has been used to being the only Black person inContinue Reading