Gun Toting California Mamalitia Accused of Intimidating Public Health Officials Over Vaccines

A group of gun-toting California women calling themselves a “Mamalitia” have been accused of intimidating public health officials over vaccines, with at least one state lawmaker raising concerns that their activism could encourage vaccine hesitancy. The “Mamalitia” has grown out of a group known as the Freedom Angels, which attemptedContinue Reading

A Russian streamer whose girlfriend died after being locked in the cold during his livestream was sentenced to years in prison according to reports

Stanislav Reshetnyak was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six years in Russian prison. The Russian streamer left his girlfriend outside until she succumbed to hypothermia. Content creators are taking part in dangerous stunts known as “trash streaming.” Stanislav Reshetnyak, a Russian streamer who goes by the name StasContinue Reading

Anthony Alvarez and Adam Toledo were killed being chased by Chicago police years after the DOJ found that the departments foot chases were leading to too many deaths

Adam Toledo and Anthony Alvarez were shot dead after being chased by Chicago police in March. In 2017, the DOJ said too many Chicago police foot pursuits were ending in unnecessary death. CPD had been in the process of instituting a foot-pursuit policy when Toledo and Alvarez died. The policeContinue Reading

Spring Valley man charged with sexual assault of a child in Sullivan County

THOMPSON – A Rockland County man has been charged with sexually assaulting a child in Sullivan County. State police said that Luis A. Mendez Pinto, 35, of Spring Valley, was arrested Wednesday following a joint investigation by their child abuse unit and the county’s Child Protective Services office. Pinto wasContinue Reading