Alberta inquiry into ‘foreign-funded’ environmentalists gets another extension

Apparently commissioner Steve Allan still isn’t having any luck finding those sinister foreign funders of “anti-energy” campaigns. But don’t worry, the government of Alberta has given the head of its “inquiry into anti-Alberta energy campaigns” yet another extension to keep looking for the elusive foreigners featured in Premier Jason Kenney’s successful pre-election conspiracy theory. As…Continue Reading

Blocboy JB: Playstation Is For The Gays & Xbox Is For The Street N*ggas!!

BlocBoy JB has his fans face-palming themselves after revealing his recent conspiracy theory about gaming systems.BlocBoy went ahead and bought the Xbox Series X this week. The Playstation drop’s this Thursday.“If you really look into it Playstation, they got pride colors so Playstation supposed to be for the gays and Xbox supposed to be for…Continue Reading

Fox News Anchor Debunks Fox News’ Voter Fraud Claims

Fox News weekend anchor Eric Shawn on Sunday delivered a robust fact-checking of President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud. Shawn’s debunking came just hours after Trump-boosting Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo devoted the bulk of her show to promoting the president’s latest conspiracy theory about computer software stealing votes from him.While the…Continue Reading

Barack Obama Explains How the History of Birtherism is Also the History of Cable News’ Moral Bankruptcy

In February 2011, Donald Trump made a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, where he teased his future run for president and said of President Barack Obama, “Our current president came out of nowhere. The people that went to school with him, they never saw him; they don’t know who he is.”…Continue Reading

Ann Coulter: Gee, Why Can’t Trump Accept Defeat Like the Democrats?

In 1980, Democratic President Jimmy Carter lost in a landslide to Ronald Reagan, 489-49 in the Electoral College. So naturally, Democrats concluded that Reagan had committed treason in order to steal the election, to wit: His campaign had conspired with Iranian ayatollahs to prevent 52 American hostages from being released until after the election. And…Continue Reading

Was it hair dye? Motor oil? Late-night hosts mock Rudy Giuliani’s ‘insane’ news conference

Author of the article:Washington PostPublishing date:Nov 20, 2020  •   •  3 minute readRudy Giuliani speaks to the press about various lawsuits related to the 2020 election, inside the Republican National Committee headquarters on Nov. 19, 2020 in Washington, DC. Photo by Drew Angerer /Getty ImagesArticle contentLike many who watched Rudy Giuliani’s Thursday’s news conference, Trevor…Continue Reading

Why Some Pop Acts Are Heading East to Break in the West

The Danish singer Maximillian has never been to the Philippines, but he’s wildly popular there. “Beautiful Scars,” a bright pop song preaching self-acceptance, cracked Spotify’s Top 10 in the Philippines at the end of April, and it’s been hovering there ever since, earning over 150,000 streams a day on the platform in that country alone,…Continue Reading

The Survivalists (NS)

by Paul Broussard , posted on 20 November 2020 / 895 ViewsResource/crafting games aren’t exactly rare in this day and age, but perhaps in the midst of a pandemic filled year, the concept of washing up on some faraway shore separated from society has never felt quite so appealing. Enter The Survivalists, which places players…Continue Reading

QAnon has become a powerful force in Germany, helping to drive Europe’s biggest anti-lockdown movement

A demonstrator wrapped in a flag of the German empire joins an anti-lockdown demonstration, in Berlin, Germany, on August 29, 2020. John MacDougall/AFP via Getty Images Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Germany has seen a growing anti-lockdown movement which has become one of the largest in Europe. The protesters are an eclectic mix…Continue Reading

Podcasts of the Week: White Helmets, good science and great bands

In BriefFeatured podcasts include Intrigue: Mayday, The Messenger, Tumble, and Transmissions: The Definitive StoryThe BBC’s Intrigue strand has already produced two superb podcasts, Tunnel 29 (about Berlin Wall escapes) and The Ratline (Nazi hunting), said Miranda Sawyer in The Observer. Now it has brought us Intrigue: Mayday – a “brilliantly produced” ten-parter about James Le…Continue Reading