Woman jailed for illegal kitten farm in Coventry

Monika Listos was jailed for running an illegal kitten farm in Coventry. A number of the kittens found eventually died.Continue Reading

Tyrannosaurus rex didnt get its ferocious bite until it was an adult new research

The ferocious dinosaur. Shutterstock/Warpaint The Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most well known of all the dinosaurs, particularly notable for its ferocious jaws. Adult tyrannosaurs – including the species T. rex – used a “puncture-pull” biting technique, in which they bit down and swallowed chunks of flesh and bone. But, it turns out, youngContinue Reading

Paw hygiene is no reason to ban assistance dogs from hospitals – theyre cleaner than peoples shoes

Well over 10,000 people in Europe use an assistance dog; think of guide dogs for people with a visual impairment, hearing dogs for people with a hearing impairment, medical response service dogs and psychiatric service dogs. According to article 19 and 20 of a UN agreement, these dogs are welcome in hospitals, shopsContinue Reading

Meet The Worlds Most Unconventional Pets – And The Owners Who Adore Them

Image: YouTube/Beastly / Instagram/pumpkintheraccoon / YouTube/4 Ever Green If you think you know someone with an odd pet, think again. We bet these 20 people have them beat! They’re best buds with some of the wildest creatures imaginable. If you’ve ever wanted to see someone hug a hippo or cuddle a kangaroo, then read on.Continue Reading

Trainer Gordon Elliott apologises profoundly for photo of him sitting on top of dead horse

Horse trainer Gordon Elliott has apologised “profoundly” for an image in which he appeared to be sitting on a dead horse. The image was posted and shared on Twitter during the weekend and the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board said the matter was under investigation. In a statement the trainer said:Continue Reading

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Fox News correspondent Christina Coleman was reporting from Monrovia, Calif., Saturday on wildfires raging along the West Coast when a bear unexpectedly wandered into her live shot.”To talk about the wildlife that we mentioned, the woman that we interviewed said she was concerned about it – take a look over here, here is a brown bear that is…Continue Reading

Testing traps to control lovely but destructive lionfish

Janet Mcconnaughey, Associated Press Updated 6:14 pm CDT, Wednesday, August 26, 2020 This photo provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission show lionfish caught in a modified lobster trap on March 5, 2020, in Atlantic waters off of Big Pine Key, Fla. Scientists are looking at traps as a better way to kill the…Continue Reading