Trainer Gordon Elliott apologises profoundly for photo of him sitting on top of dead horse

Horse trainer Gordon Elliott has apologised “profoundly” for an image in which he appeared to be sitting on a dead horse. The image was posted and shared on Twitter during the weekend and the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board said the matter was under investigation. In a statement the trainer said:Continue Reading

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Fox News correspondent Christina Coleman was reporting from Monrovia, Calif., Saturday on wildfires raging along the West Coast when a bear unexpectedly wandered into her live shot.”To talk about the wildlife that we mentioned, the woman that we interviewed said she was concerned about it – take a look over here, here is a brown bear that is…Continue Reading

How we tracked the eating habits of snakes in Africa with the help of a Facebook group

Snakes are a diverse lineage of reptiles that are found on every continent except Antarctica. Despite differences in appearance, habitat preference, defence tactics and underlying biology, one thing is common to all 3,800 species of snakes — every last one is a predator. As predators, snakes are likely to fulfil important rolesContinue Reading

At a time when we crave good news, the giant panda is a beacon of environmental optimism. Since becoming an icon for the conservation movement in the 1980s, 67 panda reserves and countless wildlife corridors have been created in the bamboo forested mountain ranges of central China. The most recent census suggestsContinue Reading

Buddy liked dog stuff: running through the sprinklers, going on long car rides, swimming in the lake. He cuddled the Mahoneys—his owners and family—at the end of tough days. He humored them when they dressed him up as a bunny for Halloween. He was a protective big brother to 10-month-old Duke, the family’s other German…Continue Reading


(A) YKLP11423, 5mm-long juvenile, ventral view; (B) YKLP11422, 7mm-long juvenile, ventral view. Credit: Javier Ortega-Hernández and Yu Liu An international collaboration between researchers at Harvard University and Yunnan University in China uses microCT to study and restudy arthropod fossils from the early Cambrian in the Chengjiang biota in the Yunnan Province of China. Their latest…Continue Reading