Guardian Angel Peniel

Guardian Angel Peniel – also known as the angel of gifts. His name means “Face Of God”. And he is the divine governor of Friday. Guardian Angel Peniel lives in the 3rd Heaven. Where he prepares God’s blessings for everyone. Guardian Angel Peniel Guardian Angel Peniel is the divine angel of giftsContinue Reading

Leviticus A Booke of Law

What the Book of Leviticus is About Popularly called by the Hebrew name Vayikra, “He called,” which is its first word, Leviticus is known formally as Torat Kohanim, “instructions for the priests” (Mishnah Megillot 1:5). This title defines Leviticus as a prescription for the proper worship of the God of Israel. The Hebrew Bible reflects the central concerns of the ancientContinue Reading

The Torah Five Books

For Jews, the concept of “Torah ” is much broader than the books themselves, the delimited concept of the Torah. “Torah” can refer to all of traditional Jewish learning, but “the Torah” usually refers to the Torah she’bi’ktav, the written Torah, also known as the chumash (the five volumes or Pentateuch, sometimes referred to as theContinue Reading

What Is My Guardian Angels Name

Guardian angels aren’t just the protagonists of woo-woo bedtime stories for tots—they’re spiritual guides that can help you navigate real adventures here on Earth. Think of them as divine life coaches. Once you start to get to know your guardian angels, it will become much easier to sense their presence and recognize whenContinue Reading