Coolgreens Reaches Record Expansion and Sales in Q3

Healthy lifestyle eatery signs area development agreement to open 50 locations, plans first ghost kitchen opening and sees sales surge in third quarter Oklahoma City, OK  (  Despite trying times for the industry, Coolgreens continues to prove there is no slowdown in sight for the brand after it experienced record-breaking growth and sales in Q3.…Continue Reading

Sleep On It

Believe it or not, research estimates that the average American will spend almost half their lifetime in bed. Once you know this startling statistic, it’s hard to not take a closer look at the environment you’re sleeping (or lounging) in. You may reevaluate the lighting in your room, invest in cozier accessories, or, most likely,…Continue Reading

Study finds sitting isn’t entirely bad for your brain, but there’s a catch

Many studies have linked a sedentary lifestyle with an increased risk of developing chronic diseases, including severe conditions like heart disease and cancer. A new study has found that sitting isn’t entirely bad for your health, but there’s a catch: you still have to get a minimum amount of exercise weekly to dodge the ramifications…Continue Reading

10 habits of strong professionals who aren’t concerned with what other people think

Amy Morin is a psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, mental strength coach, and international bestselling author. She says she works to help people be confident in making their own choices and career decisions, even if coworkers or family members disapprove. Morin says mentally strong people let go of people who don’t support them, establish personal and…Continue Reading

A Laissez-Faire Mind For Design

Interview with Anthony Wilder and Keira St. Claire | Photography by John Cole By his own admission, Anthony Wilder began his career with a lot of passion—but also naivete. With a natural inclination toward architecture, he started building homes at fourteen, and just three years later, launched his own firm. Now with a full-service architecture,…Continue Reading

Cowen breaks down 8 key investing themes and 12 stocks to buy as the net worth of millennials quadruples over the next decade

Premium Drew Angerer/Getty Images This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Become an Insider and start reading now. Millennials share of the United States’ net worth is expected to quadruple by 2030, Cowen’s equity analyst, John Kernan, said in an October 14 research report. “Gen Z and Millennial consumers should grow to 70%…Continue Reading

Between the Lines

Photography by Jeff Nye On the corner of San Juan Avenue and Fourth Street in Saguache (pronounced Suh-WATCH), Colorado, stands a building the color of daffodils, with green trim and many windows, and if you tap on the glass, you might just get invited in. On most days, one can find Dean Coombs—the third-generation publisher…Continue Reading