Busta Rhymes Just Showed Off His Abs in a New Weight Loss Transformation Photo

Busta Rhymes might be best known as a hip hop legend, but over on social media he has also become one of those accounts people follow for #fitnessgoals. The rapper regularly posts his workouts to Instagram, sharing updates on his weightlifting training and weight loss, as well as clips of workouts with his famous friends,…Continue Reading

30 of the Longest Town Names in the World and the History Behind Them

Flickr Creative Commons Near and far, check out some of the longest-named towns across the globe — plus a few fun curve balls too. They aren’t necessarily “towns,” but involve a tongue-twister that’s too long too resist. 1 of 30 Mooselookmeguntic, Maine Mooselookmeguntic’s name is a-moose-ing to say the least! The 17-letter name is an…Continue Reading

Watch a Doctor Explain How Khabib Nurmagomedov Put Justin Gaethje to Sleep at UFC 254

Khabib Nurmagomedov successfully defended his title in a fight against Justin Gaethje at last night’s UFC 254 event, putting his opponent to sleep by wrapping his leg around his neck in a chokehold move.Gaethje didn’t take it personally, and told reporters after his defeat that he’s confident he can bounce back. “I fight for a…Continue Reading

Watch a Top CrossFitter and Bodybuilder Get Wrecked Taking the VO2 Max Fitness Test

In his latest YouTube video, British bodybuilder and CrossFit athlete Obi Vincent put his cardio fitness and aerobic endurance to the test when he took on a VO2 max workout. The VO2 max gives an indicator of a person’s fitness by measuring their energy output based on the oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced during…Continue Reading

All the Design Lessons We Learned From Bobby Berk on Season 3 of ‘Queer Eye’

The highly-anticipated season three of Queer Eye is finally here (yassssss!), and if you have plans today—cancel them. This season begs to be binge-watched. Season three follows the Fab Five as they make-over nine heroes in Kansas City, Missouri (one episode features makeovers for two sisters). While we love each member of the Fab Five…Continue Reading

A Role for Sitting in Brain Health?

Sitting may not always be bad for the brain and, in fact, may benefit cognition, new research suggests. Although physical activity in seniors is beneficial for overall health, the new study suggests that being sedentary may benefit certain cognitive capacities, as long people are also sufficiently physically active. Investigators found that daily moderate-to-vigorous physical activity…Continue Reading

Lilly Stops Antibody Trial in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Editor’s note: Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape’s Coronavirus Resource Center. Eli Lilly announced it will halt its ACTIV-3 trial evaluating the antibody bamlanivimab in combination with remdesivir for people hospitalized with COVID-19, after new evidence regarding efficacy emerged. The new data from the National Institutes of Health suggest that the experimental…Continue Reading

Troponin, Echo a Prognostic Power Combo in COVID-19

Editor’s note: Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape’s Coronavirus Resource Center. The prevalence of troponin-defined myocardial injury exceeded 60% among selected patients hospitalized with COVID-19 at seven urban centers who underwent transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) for suspected cardiac involvement.   In-hospital mortality was about five times higher for those with vs without troponin…Continue Reading

As Election Day Nears, Taking Stock of an Expertise Exodus

Betsy Southerland, who joined the Environmental Protection Agency in 1984, says this is the most important election of her lifetime. That’s because she’s seen the effects of the Donald J. Trump administration’s policies on American science firsthand: “In all the Republican and Democratic administrations I’ve worked for, everyone really did want to protect public health…Continue Reading

‘You’re Fired’

It took me 47 years to hear those two devastating words, “You’re fired.” It’s not like I didn’t have a slew of jobs before becoming a physician. I cut lawns and raked leaves as an early teen; I worked in a fast-food restaurant when I was 14 using my older brother’s ID, I worked in…Continue Reading