Thousands raised to block Bablake School and King Henry VIII School merger

King Henry VIII School: The proposed merger is being reviewed by the Charity CommissionContinue Reading

Mother goes viral with videos showing how she teaches her children consent

A mother has gone viral on TikTok after sharing her methods for teaching her young children consent and body autonomy. Alissa, a 32-year-old from Chicago, who works as an elementary school teacher, recently uploaded a video to the platform showing how she models “consent while parenting ”. In the clip, Alissa, who goes by the username @once.upon.a.mama , shared aContinue Reading

Treated like cash cows International students at top London universities withhold fees

Hundreds of international students at three major London universities are refusing to pay their fees because they say learning mostly in their bedrooms has not justified prices of up to £29,000 a year. More than 300 students at the Royal College of Art, two-thirds of them from abroad, launched a tuitionContinue Reading

Mom Whose Son Learned to Read Write and Do Math By the Age of Releases Fourth Book For Parents

Andrea Stephenson has written her fourth book, Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood. This book, which is an Amazon bestseller, has over 200 simple playful activities, tips, and resources that make learning math easy and fun. Many believe that math comes naturally for some and not others. This is simply not true.Continue Reading

Not all secondary schools in Warwickshire will fully reopen on March

There is a ‘flexible’ approach being adopted by education bosses Pupil Covid-19 testing means Warwickshire secondary schools are not set to fully reopen on March 8. The government has said that schools should return on March 8 but, as secondary school pupils will be expected to have Covid-19 tests, WarwickshireContinue Reading

Despite Having Dyslexia These Twin Brothers Earned Over M in Scholarships

Brin and Nial Wilson, twin brothers from Shreveport, Louisiana who have overcome the challenges of dyslexia, were offered over $2.5 million in college scholarships. The brothers, who graduated last year from Captain Shreve High School, had always done well in their math and science coursework, but they found their readingContinue Reading

Father and Son Launch Program to Educate Disadvantaged Communities About Financial Literacy

Meet Kevon and Kamari Chisolm, the father and son founders of Junior Wallstreeters, Inc, a new nonprofit organization focusing on decreasing the wealth gap between disadvantaged groups and whites. The motto of the organization is: Empowering Youth with Financial Wellness; Today’s Investors Started Yesterday. Before the pandemic, the average net wealthContinue Reading