Trouble filling our schedules Rural clinics pharmacies seek to fill open vaccine slots as hesitancy looms

But as Louisiana joined a cascading number of states to waive age restrictions and allow all adults to get vaccinated, hospital leaders are finding more appointments going unfilled. The hospital that serves a Mississippi River community of about 22,000 no longer hosts the large vaccination events, instead directing about 200 doses each week throughContinue Reading

Brazil in ‘biological Fukushima as Covid deaths seen in one day

Brazil saw over 4,000 deaths from Covid-19 on Tuesday alone, as the epidemic turns into what one expert called a “biological Fukushima”. Brazil ’s exponential surge is set to surpass the numbers seen within the United States in January, when almost 80,000 people died from the disease. “It’s a nuclear reactor that has set off aContinue Reading

COVID news live latest updates UK and EU regulators hold press conferences on AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine over blood clots

Coronavirus latest: Moderna vaccine rollout begins in the UK; regulators holding Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine press conferences over blood clot fears.Continue Reading