Trump’s testing czar: The COVID surge “is real” and not just caused by more tests

Assistant Secretary of Health Adm. Brett Giroir, who leads the federal government’s coronavirus testing response, pushed back on Wednesday against President Trump’s continued claims that rising coronavirus cases are a product of increased testing.The big picture: Every available piece of data shows that the pandemic is getting worse again across the country. Hospitalizations are on…Continue Reading

Wall Street tumbles again, with the Dow falling 500 points

Wall Street fell again on Wednesday, as Europe considered additional lockdowns and U.S. cities such as Chicago and Newark, New Jersey, announced a new round of restrictive measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus.The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by over 700 points to fall below 27,000 in Wednesday’s morning session. The S&P 500…Continue Reading

In battleground states, Trump grapples with a surging opponent: The coronavirus

LANSING, Mich. — President Donald Trump’s campaign stops on Tuesday read like a rundown of some of the nation’s top coronavirus hot spots.There was Wisconsin, where the rate of positive tests has passed 25 percent. Nebraska, where health officials are reporting the highest number of hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic. And Michigan, where…Continue Reading

‘In the name of love’: Venezuelans risk Covid to care for relatives in the hospital

CARACAS, Venezuela—Leaning against a hospital wall for balance, Elena Suazo wiggled each foot into blue protective pants. Then she slipped her arms into a surgical gown and snapped on white rubber gloves, finally ready to enter the COVID-19 wing.Suazo is not a nurse. She is a cafeteria worker at a kindergarten in Venezuela’s capital.But she…Continue Reading

This Presidency Is Bad for Your Health

It’s a cliché at this point, but imagine being told 10 years ago that the final weeks of the 2020 election campaign would feature President Donald Trump telling enthusiastic supporters at campaign rallies that the deadly airborne virus they were at risk of contracting at that very moment—one for which there was no vaccine and…Continue Reading

Grassroots Democrats Are Preparing to Swarm the Biden Administration

For the last few months, a team on Joe Biden’s campaign has been drawing up plans for the transition, compiling lists, and vetting potential appointees. Meanwhile, a network of left-wing organizers, operating under the maxim “personnel is policy,” has been doing opposition research on a prospective Biden White House. In some cases, they’ve run public…Continue Reading

Trump Campaign Website Hacked, Displayed Conspiracy That Trump Was ‘Involved’ In Origin Of COVID Pandemic

October 27, 2020 8:50 PM ET The official website for President Donald Trump’s campaign website was hacked and “defaced” Tuesday evening, with the campaign saying it has now solved the issue and the culprits did not steal any data. Hackers appeared to take control of the site early Tuesday evening, placing a message on the…Continue Reading

Dodgers Star Justin Turner Removed From World Series Game For Positive COVID Test

The question circulating around baseball circles is: How did it take beyond six innings of the World Series championship game to finally pull a player from a positive COVID test?Shortly after the final out of the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the 2020 World Series, 3-1, over the Tampa Bay Rays, Major League Baseball announced that…Continue Reading