Cake Bash Is A 4-Player Party Game Where You Play As Party Food

Cake Bash Is A 4-Player Party Game Where You Play As Party Food
You absolute donut
  • Damo
  • by Damien McFerran
The Steam and Xbox One party title Cake Bash is jumping over to the Nintendo Switch.

This 4-player action title places you in the role of a living, breathing cake – ranging from “a sassy Cupcake through to a derpy Donut” – and comes courtesy of fledgeling studio High Tea Frog, a three-person outfit from Northern England made up for former Ubisoft developers.

As you can see, it all looks like jolly good fun – a demo will also be available, so you’ll be able to get a taste (no pun intended) before taking a bigger bite. Will you be buying this one when it launches on Switch later this year?

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