Britney Spears Stuns In A Bikini While Showing Off Flexible Yoga Moves On The Beach — Watch

Britney Spears Stuns In A Bikini While Showing Off Flexible Yoga Moves On The Beach — Watch


Britney Spears took a ‘much needed break’ as she escaped to a gorgeous beach! The superstar looked incredible as she frolicked in the water and did a yoga routine.

Britney Spears, 38, loves to share how she stays in shape! The superstar often shows off her yoga routines and poses on social media, and this time, she took her fitness to the beach. Rocking a bikini, Britney looked better than ever as she demonstrated her incredible flexibility! “This was a much needed break from my house cleaning,” she began her caption on the Instagram video posted Friday, October 16. She kept her blonde hair back as she did the routine right on the wet sand, with the waves crashing behind her.

“This took me two hours to film because I went to three different locations to find the best lighting …. but unfortunately it was a gray and hazy day … that’s why it looks this way!!!” the In The Zone singer confessed to her 26 million followers, hilariously adding several red-faced anger emojis. “I got home and was like CRAP !!!!” she went on. In the video, Enya‘s ethereal “Orinoco Flow” played as Brit did a number of recognizable poses, including the cobra, cat, cow and warrior one positions. Despite her lighting woes — which were barely noticeable — the Kentwood, Louisiana native still enjoyed her scenic escape.

“Anyhow … on a POSITIVE note … from the car the surfers look like little ants out there …. but up close it’s like a whole new mystical universe !!!! And yes … that’s ME standing for hours in the water just watching!!!!” she wrote. “I didn’t even care because it was so much fun … here’s to a day of MAGIC !!!!” concluding with, “PS … I know my yoga is by no means done perfectly …. because I’m not perfect nor will I ever be !!!! Before you judge go try this for two hours !!!” After she finished her routine, the blonde could be seen walking right out into the ocean for a dip!

The Crossroads actress has been living at the beach lately, and recently enjoyed a relaxing day with her model boyfriend Sam Asghari, 26! Britney could be seen going for a ride on Sam’s shoulders in an adorable Oct. 14 post, saving her bare feet from the hot sand. Once again, she looked amazing in pink leopard bikini, proving she’s definitely been working on her fitness in quarantine.

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