Brian Austin Green & Megan Fox: How He Feels About Her ‘Moving On’ With Machine Gun Kelly

Brian Austin Green & Megan Fox: How He Feels About Her ‘Moving On’ With Machine Gun Kelly


Brian Austin Green is realizing he and ex Megan Fox are ‘two very different people’ as her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly seems to be getting more serious.

Brian Austin Green, 47, is doing “OK” with his ex Megan Fox, 34, moving on with Machine Gun Kelly, 30, and has accepted the fact that they are on “two different paths in life”, according to one source. “Brian and Megan are definitely cordial,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Brian is finally at an OK place with Megan moving on.”

“He’s doing his own thing and has finally realized that they are two very different people,” the source continued. “Brian is very laxed about things and Megan likes things done a certain way. She’s more reserved and he’s very outgoing and talkative. They each love and support their family but are on different paths in life now.”

Brian Austin Green
Brian Austin Green is doing ‘OK’ as Megan Fox moves on with Machine Gun Kelly. (MEGA)

Shortly after Brian and Megan’s split earlier this year, the actress was spotted hanging out with MGK in May and even appeared in his music video for his song “Bloody Valentine”. They soon weren’t shy about their new romance and started sharing various pics and videos of their moments together on social media. They also openly talked about their feelings for one another online and in interviews.

Around the same time Megan and MGK’s relationship started heating up, Brian was spotted hanging out with beauties Tina Louise and Courtney Stodden, but nothing serious ever came of it. “Everyone he was dating was a rebound but he’s in a good place now with it all,” our source explained. Tina, in fact seemed to move on when she was spotted kissing Diddy, 50, at a beach on Oct. 14.

Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly during a recent cozy outing. (MEGA)

Brian and Megan are on friendly terms as they co-parent their three kids, Noah Shannon, 7, Bodhi Ransom, 6, and Journey River, 3, and it turns out the gorgeous gal is also ready to welcome MGK in their kids’ lives as well. “It happened within recent months, and it went really great,” a previous source EXCLUSIVELY told us about MGK meeting Megan’s brood. Megan also reportedly met his 11-year-old daughter Casie.

They are “getting very serious and seem to want to elevate things to the next level at some point,” the source further explained about the new couple. “They don’t do anything without the other these days. They’re that connected. They have a lot of physical chemistry and passion when they’re together. He’s always making her laugh. He’s a comedian in his own right and a super sweet guy, and she loves that about him. A lot of people don’t realize how funny he actually is. MGK worships the ground that Megan walks on, and he’d do anything for her. Things are moving very fast between them.”

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