‘Blow Up The Entire System’: Don Lemon Is Ready To Scrap The Electoral College, Pack The Court

‘Blow Up The Entire System’: Don Lemon Is Ready To Scrap The Electoral College, Pack The Court

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Monday that before Democrats could see substantive change, they would have to be willing to take radical steps.

During a brief conversation at the intersection of their respective shows, Lemon told fellow anchor Chris Cuomo that they would have to be ready to “blow up the entire system,” get rid of the Electoral College and appoint additional justices to the Supreme Court. (RELATED: ‘I Think He’s Honest’: Don Lemon Admits He Loves To Watch Neil Cavuto, Says Chris Wallace Is ‘Not Really On Fox’)


Lemon opened his show by noting that Republicans had been against confirming Merrick Garland — then President Barack Obama’s nominee — in 2016, but appeared to be largely in favor of confirming President Donald Trump’s soon-to-be-announced nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He then argued that Democrats would apply their principles consistently if they were the party in power.

“I don’t know that. I think that most people don’t agree that idea,” Cuomo replied. “Which is why they don’t care about the difference between left and right. See, until you have a group of people that decide to consistently be better than what they reject, you are going to have people in the exact position they are now. Which is no matter what happens, everybody sticks with the team.”

“We’re going to have to blow up the entire system,” Lemon shrugged. “You know what we’re going to have to do? Honestly? From what your closing argument is, you have to get rid of the Electoral College. The people —”

“I don’t see it,” Cuomo shook his head.

“The minority in the country decides judges and the president,” Lemon continued.

Cuomo pointed out that getting rid of the Electoral College would require a Constitutional amendment.

“If Joe Biden wins, Democrats can stack the court,” Lemon said. “And can do that amendment and get it passed.”

Cuomo kept pushing back, making it clear that such an effort was likely to be an uphill climb. “It’s a tall task,” he concluded.

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