Black Female Entrepreneur Creates Coloring Books to Teach Children About Credit

Black Female Entrepreneur Creates Coloring Books to Teach Children About Credit

Meet Kishanna Heyward, the author of Credit is King, Kareem and Credit is Queen, Charlene who was inspired to create a credit coloring book series when her 4-year old daughter asked her about credit. After an unsuccessful search for resources online to help her daughter’s understanding, she decided to create her own.

“I created the credit coloring books to help our youth learn about credit at a very early age. As a former elementary school teacher, I know firsthand how much time is dedicated to standardized testing which often leaves the subject of financial literacy up to parents to teach. Providing kids with a solid financial foundation allows them to avoid mistakes most adults make,” said Kishanna.

Not only will children benefit from the activities in the credit coloring books, but parents will also be able to further understand key concepts that impact their overall credit score. In the back of each book is a guide to help parents become subject matter experts. In doing so, the book serves as a learning tool for both the parent and child. Along with teaching families about how to manage credit, the books emphasize subjects such as real estate investing, and overall debt management. “The goal of these coloring books is to help families start the conversation early about credit, finances, and creating generational wealth,” said Mrs. Heyward. “It was important to me that every page provided a teachable moment.”

Credit is King, Kareem and Credit is Queen, Charlene can be purchased online by visiting

For press inquiries, please contact Kishanna Heyward at or (910) 258-0810.

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