Bishop Kwabena Asiamah finally reveals the meaning and identity of Ajagurajah.

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The founder and leader of Universal Spiritual Church has finally open up on who the identity and meaning of Ajagurajah is.

In an interview with Dr Prekese, the man of God disclosed that the way and manner “sumsum sore” does their thing is different and for that matter people should not criticize them if they don’t understand the motive behind what they do.

He continued by saying that Ajagurajah is a Portuguese name which doubles as the name of the Angel he worshiped. He added that he was there one day and the Angel who is called Ajagurajah appeared to him in an open vision and told him that he has been sent to him to lead him into his promise land.

He disclosed that for him to verify that he was sent by God he looked at his feet as a confirmation to him. Any Angel who is good and sent from God will allow you to look at his feet if you ask him. But if he is bad a Angel, he will never allow you.

It was after i started following and worshiping Ajagurajah that was when he started revealing to me who he is and where he originated from. Bishop Asiamah revealed that in Portugal, Ajagurajah is a great god that the people of Portugal worship.

He is very powerful and a warrior. He is one of the most worshiped gods in Portugal because of how powerful he is.

The name Ajagurajah is in two parts, Ajagura means warrior and the jah means god. So Ajagurajah simply means the warrior god. I am now his chief priest in the whole world and it was given to me by him due to how good i treat him.

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