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Photo: ShutterstockThough no one seems to have told the coronavirus, apparently the pandemic is over. Certainly lockdowns are easing and many of us have been or will soon be required to report back to the workplace—if you haven’t still been going there all along. With new cases of the virus on the rise and little…Continue Reading

WeWork is bringing corporate staff back to New York offices in 3 waves as the city enters the next stage of reopening

This story is available exclusively on Business Insider Prime. Join BI Prime and start reading now. WeWork’s New York employees are heading back to headquarters in waves starting on Monday in a seven-week return to office plan. About a quarter of the staff will return to various offices initially, with a plan for the rest to…Continue Reading

nextdoor eliminates its forward to police program

Neighborhood social networking app Nextdoor says it is discontinuing its Forward to Police feature which let users send message board posts directly to local police, Bloomberg CityLab reported. The site has been under increasing scrutiny for how it handles communications with law enforcement, and for how it handles racism among members on its app. “As…Continue Reading

elon musk says tesla will delay battery day event and shareholders meeting

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Friday that the company’s “Battery Day” event and its shareholders meeting, which was slated for July 7th, will both be delayed until sometime after July 4th. The Battery Day event, where Tesla is expected to reveal details about its “million mile” battery, was originally planned for April but was bumped…Continue Reading

google ends trial of photo service that picked and printed photos for users

Google is ending the trial program of a service that sent users algorithm-selected prints from their Google Photos libraries, Droid Life reported. The subscription-based service launched in the US in February with a monthly fee of $7.99 that got you 10 4×6 prints from the previous 30 days. The printing service allowed users to choose…Continue Reading

The livelihoods of millions of people living along the world’s biggest river systems are under threat by a range of stressors caused by the daily economic, societal and political activity of humans — in addition to the long-term effects of climate change, researchers report. A new paper by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign geology and…Continue Reading

A team of researchers led by Sufei Shi, an assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has uncovered new information about the mass of individual components that make up a promising quasiparticle, known as an exciton, that could play a critical role in future applications for quantum computing, improved memory storage,…Continue Reading

Colloids are complex mixtures in which microscopic particles of one substance are suspended evenly throughout another. They can be prepared in many different ways, but to achieve desirable properties in the final mixture, researchers must maintain a delicate control over the interactions which take place between the particles. In new research published in EPJ E,…Continue Reading