Animaniacs made this Jurassic Park spoof to announce their glorious return

Animaniacs made this Jurassic Park spoof to announce their glorious return


Because Steven Spielberg has decided he doesn’t already have enough money, he’s reviving Animaniacs on Hulu (premieres November 20) and they put together this Jurassic Park spoof to announce it. The biggest compliment I can give is that it feels like the original Animaniacs. The humor, the tone, they nailed it. And of course they did, because it’s all the same people just with fancier technology and deeper pockets. I think Mr. Hulu sums it up nicely when he says, “We are gonna make a fortune with this show.” Yes you are, Mr. Hulu. Yes you are. Wait, $12 and some Arby’s coupons is a fortune, right? Because that’s all I’ve got.

Keep going for the full announcement video, as well as Yakko’s classic Nations of the World song from the original series.

And the classic Nations of the World song performed by Yakko from the original series:

(via Hedonistica)

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