All upcoming hero abilities leaked for Fortnite Season 4

All upcoming hero abilities leaked for Fortnite Season 4
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A Fortnite leak tells us about all of the abilities for the heroes included in the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass.


11 hours ago


Fortnite Season 4 replaced the Mythic items and weapons in the loot pool with Marvel-themed superhero abilities. We’re still learning just how powerful these can be, but you can take a look at our guide to these abilities here.

Epic aren’t stopping with three sets of abilities, though. As you could see in the Battle Pass trailer, each playable character will have a set of abilities. On top of that, we have some unreleased heroes like Black Panther that are getting kits.

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Over the weekend, Fortnite data miners were able to get into the game files and take a look at how these abilities will work when they come to Fortnite. Ahead is a list of the first batch of Fortnite Season 4 hero abilities and what they’ll do.


Jump Smash

  • Land player damage: 40
  • Cooldown: 0.5
  • Building damage: 5,000
  • Max charge time: 1
  • Min. charge time for super jump: 0.16
  • Smash cooldown: 0.05
  • Gravity duration: 1.2


  • Has LOW health regen.
  • Combo damage: 60
  • Third strike damage: 120
  • Builds damage: 500
  • Speed buff: x1.2


Berserker Dash

  • Damage: 50
  • Build damage: 2,000
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds

Spin Slash

  • Has health regeneration
  • Final hit damage: 100
  • Builds damage: 50-250
  • Players damage: 25-65
  • Double hit damage: 35
  • Cooldown: 0.05
  • Jump duration: 0.85
  • Jump height: +32
  • Block health: 2,000

Iron Man

Repulsor Cannon

  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Range: 20,000
  • Damage: 150
  • Buildings Damage: 200
  • Boost cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Boost strength: 131,300

Black Panther

Vibranium Armor

  • The ability will block 50% damage for {x} amount of time.
  • The more damage it blocks the more it charges.
  • After it charges you can blast to damage anything nearby.
  • Speed buff: x1.3
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds


Tornado Jump

  • Builds Damage: 5,000
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Jump height: 2,560
  • Tornado Lifespan: 10 seconds


Sky Strike

  • Cooldown: 9 seconds
  • Distance: 1,000
  • Damage: 80
  • Builds Damage: 5,000
  • Max Range: 4,000
  • Damage & Build Break Radius: 378
Via: Hypex

We have no idea when these abilities will make it into the game. We also don’t know if they’ll replace the current abilities or if Epic will add them on top of what we have now. We can expect one or two to release on a biweekly basis if we predict Fortnite Season 4’s schedule based on previous seasons, but nothing is certain.

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We’re excited to try some of these out. Iron Man and Wolverine seem to have the most powerful kits on this list, although it’s tough to judge without seeing them in-game. Competitive players might be wondering if these abilities will be in Arena. Judging by the current state of hero abilities in Fortnite, yes, but it remains to be seen.

For now, we can only wait and see what happens. We expect to see the first addition to the Superhero loot pool next week. We’ll keep you posted on Twitter, @FortniteINTEL, when we lean more, so make sure to follow us there.


Arena Boxfighting could be our new favorite way to grind Arena points in Competitive Fortnite.


10 hours ago


August 31, 2020

Competitive Fortnite has been evolving ever since it was first released back in the early seasons of Chapter 1. Despite this, it’s remained relatively similar, apart from some format and meta changes across multiple seasons.

With competitive Fortnite came the development of player skill and practice methods. Players are now free building and editing to warm up while boxfighitng and playing Zone Wars to hone their mechanics in a practical setting.

Boxfights and Zone Wars were ideas that were created by the community, but Epic have supported them with limited-time game modes in the past – bolstering their popularity. Now, it seems like Epic are ready to take the next step with small-scale competitive modes like these.

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One of the Season 4 leaks that passed under the radar was the potential of a new Arena mode found in the game files. FNBRHQ tweeted an image that showed an Arena Boxfighting mode.

This could only be a test event, and we have no idea if/when this is coming to Fortnite. If it does, however, we’re also interested in learning whether or not it scales off of your established Arena points from other modes. If so, this could become the most popular way to grind Arena points.

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Either way, any expansion of the competitive Fortnite system is good news. We’ve been calling for an overhaul of the system for a few seasons, now, and this would be a great first step. As always, we’ll let you know when we learn more about this addition to the competitive Fortnite lineup.


Ant Man will be making his mark on the Fortnite map in the coming weeks.


12 hours ago


August 31, 2020

Fortnite Season 4 is here, bringing a brand-new theme and some small map changes to fan-favorite POIs. The map hasn’t changed a ton from Season 3, but that won’t be the case for long.

Soon after the update went live, data miners found five new POIs that will be coming to Fortnite in the near future. One of those POIs, ‘The Sphere,’ is already starting to take shape in-game. It will probably progress over the course of the rest of the season.

Over the weekend, however, data miners found mention of yet another superhero-based POI coming to the map: Ant Manor. This new location will be outside of Holly Hedges, according to reports. We’re guessing it will take the place of the old hideout building from Season 2.

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Data miner iFireMonkey added some more details to the leak. There will be some ant eggs coming, a reference to one of Ant-Man’s pet ants, and more small Easter Eggs scattered throughout the location.

Of course, there’s a lot that remains to be seen with this and other upcoming POIs – including whether or not Ant-Man will be a playable skin. We may be getting an Iron Man location as well, based on another leak that references a suped-up Iron Man Whiplash.

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The car is distinguishable by its color and license plate – aptly named “M4RK 51.” According to data miner SexyNutella, the car will also record a high speed of 120 mph – 30 mph faster than the normal Whiplash.

We’re only speculating, here, but we expect this car to be a rare drop and only spawn in one or two locations on the map. Of course, this remains to be seen. We’ll know more if and when this car enters the game.

The season is still young, so we’ll undoubtedly have some more leaks coming down the line. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, @FortniteINTEL, so you can stay informed about all of the latest Fortnite Season 4 updates.

Epic Games

Without any extensions, when is Fortnite Season 4 set to end?


14 hours ago


August 31, 2020

Fortnite Season 4 has only just begun (at the time of writing) but recent Fortnite seasons have forced fans to look toward the future seasons at all times. Chapter 2 Season 3 ended on time, but the first two seasons of Chapter 2 set records for the longest seasons in Fortnite history – each eclipsing the 100-day mark.

It seemed like Epic made it a point to have Season 3 end on time. Even a one-week extension would have been met with a collective eye-roll from the Fortnite community, so they were wise to let the clock run out on the last season.

Will the same be true for Season 4? We’ll have to wait and see. For now, all we can do is tell you when Season 4 is scheduled to end: November 30, 2020.

Is it likely that Epic extend the season past this November 30 date? We think that it is. The reason for our hypothesis is the number of “enlightened” or “foil” skins in the Battle Pass.

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To unlock all of these variants, you need to reach level 220. This is a tall order for anyone who doesn’t play Fortnite for several hours each day, completes all of the challenges, and makes the most out of their playtime.

Still, we doubt that we’ll see another 100+ day season. Instead, we expect the season to extend for a week or two with some Overtime challenges. We said the same thing about Season 3, however, and were incorrect. Only time will tell. Either way, a slight extension won’t carry the same weight that it would have last season. Season 3 ended on time, so we don’t have as many trust issues as we did.

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We’ll update this post if Epic extends Season 4. If you’re reading this in the future and there aren’t any updates, it means that the season is set to end on schedule.