AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from April 7

AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from April 7
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Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The biggest trios match in AEW history saw tag champions The Young Bucks and Jon Moxley battle world champion Kenny Omega and Impact Wrestling tag champions The Good Brothers.

Early back-and-forth gave way to Moxley and Matt and Nick Jackson diving onto Omega, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows to seize control heading into the break. During the picture-in-picture, though, Gallows hammered away at Matt, wrestling control of the match away from the babyfaces.

Matt fought his way out of the clutches of his oppressors, making the tag to Moxley. The former world champion erupted like a ball of fire, delivering a German suplex to Anderson, then Omega and finally, Gallows. 

Anderson wisely hung Moxley up on the top rope and Gallows wiped him out with a big boot to regain the upper hand.

Moxley tagged Nick into the match and the dynamic Jackson exploded into the match, double stomping Anderson and crumbling Gallows with a backstabber. Anderson delivered the spinebuster to slow his opponent. 

Moments later, with Matt Jackson and Omega the legal men, the babyface showed compassion for his friend. Omega insultingly slapped him, to which Jackson finally responded by hammering away at the world champion.

Omega delivered consecutive snapdragon suplexes and set up for a V-Trigger, only for Moxley to deliver a lariat from out of nowhere. A piledriver to Omega followed, but Moxley could not keep him down. Jackson again checked on the wellbeing of Omega, appearing torn even as he joined Nick for More Bang For Your Buck.

Anderson broke up the pin but Nick wiped him and Gallows out with an escalera. Back inside, the Bucks remained torn over the idea of hurting Omega. The Bucks ultimately betrayed Moxley, super kicking him as he set up for a third Paradigm Shift.

The Good Brothers wiped out Eddie Kingston on the stage, then added a Magic Killer to Moxley before dragging a limp Omega over to make the pin.

After the match, the still-reluctant Bucks rocked Moxley one last time before embracing Omega, Anderson, Gallows and Don Callis to close out the show.


Omega and The Good Brothers defeated Moxley and The Young Bucks




Not only was this a hella fun tag team match, but the storytelling was also top-notch.

The Bucks were reluctant to inflict pain on long-time friend Omega. We knew that. We did not know that they would risk incurring the wrath of Moxley by knocking him out and costing him the win. The post-match blow suggests a more willing Matt and Nick Jackson, though the looks on their faces as the reality of their situation smacked them in the face insinuate it may not be a blissful reunion.

The uncertainty demonstrated by the Bucks breeds intrigue, which will only intensify in the weeks to come as Hangman Page enters the title picture and the Bucks face the consequences of their actions, most likely in the form of Moxley and Kingston challenging for the tag titles.