72-year-old Hillary Clinton says it’s safe enough for her to vote in person

72-year-old Hillary Clinton says it’s safe enough for her to vote in person
With Dems hyping the risks of in-person voting this November, shouldn’t it be bigger news that 72-year-old Hillary Clinton thinks its safe enough that she will vote in-person in Chappaqua?

From her conversation with Kamala Harris and their two doppelgangers from SNL, Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler:

Be like @HillaryClinton, @MayaRudolph, and Amy Poehler: make your plan to vote today. Visit https://t.co/MykJL0FtRT to register or confirm your registration. Then, your work isn’t over: remind your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors—everyone—to make a plan, too. pic.twitter.com/TEVijNjYXO

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) September 17, 2020

And we told you last week how Biden adviser Zeke Emanuel said in-person voting was as safe as going to the grocery store:

Zeke Emanuel, a doctor and former Obama admin official says in person voting is about as safe as going to the grocery story. He warns Dems: “If the consequence of us not talking about it is that turnout is low, that’s a bad thing.” https://t.co/He8r5IwCdA

— Abby D. Phillip (@abbydphillip) September 17, 2020

This should no longer be controversial:

Facing fierce criticism, UGA says it will reconsider its decision to restrict in-person early voting on campus and floats the idea of using Stegeman Coliseum as a voting site. #gapol https://t.co/YU2nMSzold

— Greg Bluestein (@bluestein) September 17, 2020

But, instead, Team Biden continues the panic with actions like refusing to knock on doors:

It’s so sad and infuriating that the Biden campaign refuses to knock doors.

— Daniel Denvir (@DanielDenvir) September 17, 2020

Bad move, Dems.


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