7 things you desperately need to fight coronavirus, according to CDC guidelines

7 things you desperately need to fight coronavirus, according to CDC guidelines
  • Coronavirus tips from the CDC are crucial guidelines that everyone needs to follow in order to protect themselves and their families from contracting COVID-19.
  • The CDC now has new advice that the agency says everyone needs in order to avoid the potentially deadly virus, and there are seven things in particular that the CDC says we all need to stock up on.
  • Face coverings like Amazon’s best-selling face masks and powerful hand sanitizers like Purell are at the top of the list, but everything the CDC recommends is crucial in the fight against the novel coronavirus.
  • With new coronavirus cases soaring all across the country, you would be wise to load up on these items before they’re too difficult to find, as was the case back in March and April.

Economies all around the United States have now all reopened to some degree after months of closures. While a small number of states are handling reopenings fairly well so far like previous hot spots in New York and New Jersey, the inevitable is happening just about everywhere else. New coronavirus cases are spiking to record highs in many states around the US like California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and more. The US as a whole has done a much worse job than other countries that have been hit hard by COVID-19. Just take a quick look at this chart and you’ll see just how miserably we’re failing compared to other hard-hit countries.

Should we stop reopening economies? No, absolutely not. Lockdown fatigue is far too severe at this point to turn back now. But reopening businesses and easing lockdown restrictions puts the responsibility on individual citizens to take the necessary precautions in order to slow the spread of the virus. New coronavirus cases are skyrocketing in states where people simply aren’t taking enough precautions to protect themselves or people around them from coronavirus. It can be chalked up to pure laziness and selfishness, and many people will end up dying unnecessarily as a result.

Wondering what you should be doing in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect yourself? Well, it’s really not that complicated. Wear a face mask whenever you leave your house. Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds anytime you touch and object or surface in public. Is that really so hard? There are a few other things you should do as well though, and newly revised coronavirus guidelines from the CDC specify seven things that everyone needs to protect themselves and their families from coronavirus infections.

You should read through all the new guidelines, of course, but you’ll find the seven things below that you need according to the CDC. With COVID-19 case numbers soaring all across the US, do yourself a favor and stock up now before we start seeing inevitable sellouts again like we did back in March and April.

Face masks

Good face masks are the most important things on the list right now because person-to-person transmission via aerosols has been found to be the main way people get infected by the novel coronavirus. When people with COVID-19 cough, sneeze, yell, sing, or even just speak, they shed clusters of the coronavirus that float through the air in microscopic saliva drops. When other people breathe in those tiny micro-droplets, they can catch the disease.

Wearing a face mask is an absolute necessity when you leave your home, and doctors believe we’ll all continue having to wear face masks for at least another year. In other words, you should load up on face masks now because you’re going to need tons of them if you want to stay healthy. Amazon’s best-selling coronavirus face masks are on sale right now for just 50¢ each, and you can also load up on discounted MagiCare KN95 face masks for higher-risk situations like riding public transportation or visiting a doctor’s office.

If you want the best possible protection, you can get 3M respirators and NIOSH-approved particulate filters on Amazon right now. They’re usually reserved for hospitals and government agencies only, so definitely grab them while you can. The most popular models among our readers are the 3M 6200 Medium Respirator and the 3M 6300 Large Respirator.

Hand sanitizer

Amazon has a huge hand sanitizer section on its website with plenty of great options that are in stock and shipping right now. Here are some of the most popular ones, including Purell hand sanitizer that’s actually in stock and ready to ship as well as a rare opportunity to get Purell sanitizing wipes, albeit with inflated shipping prices. SupplyAID hand sanitizer that’s even stronger than Purell is also available right now at lower prices.

Hand soap

Just as important as hand sanitizer is hand soap, and there are plenty of great options in stock and ready to ship at Amazon. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds whenever possible.

Disinfectant wipes

While face masks, hand sanitizer, and hand soap are all easy to find these days, disinfectant wipes are still very scarce in stores and online. Here is Amazon’s disinfectant wipes section so you can check out all the different options that are in stock right now. Of note, Purell wipes and Lysol wipes are both in stock right now and available to ship quickly, but shipping prices are inflated so only people with a desperate need who don’t want to use any other brand should buy them.

Paper towels

The run on paper towels at the start of the coronavirus outbreak in the US was nowhere near as bad as the run on toilet paper, and that continues to be the case. Paper towels never expire and you’ll always need them, so you might as well stock up on paper towels while some decent options are shipping out right away.


The CDC includes facial tissues on its list of must-have products, and it’s pretty obvious why. There’s are plenty of top brands in stock right now in Amazon’s tissue section, including Puffs Plus.

No-touch trash can

Last but certainly not least is a product that most people probably didn’t think much about until now: trash cans. The CDC says that everyone should have no-touch trash cans in their homes and offices, especially in common spaces where several different people are likely to use the trash can.

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