1 Halle Berry worked at a department store. While Halle Berry’s name comes from Halle’s Department Stores in Cleveland, where she grew up, one of the Academy Award winner’s first jobs was at Higbee’s Department Store. The actress told Women’s Wear Daily that she started working there after selling cookies at a store called The…Continue Reading

2020: A year in pictures

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COVID-19 dominates annual list of banished words, terms

Kellie Johnson, a respiratory therapist, receives the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, one of the first five staff at the hospital, on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020 at McLaren Flint Hospital in Flint. (Jake May/The Flint Journal via AP) Even as vaccines are being rolled out to battle the coronavirus, wordsmiths at Lake Superior State University in Michigan’s…Continue Reading

Light-responsive E. coli functional biofilms as scaffolds for hydroxyapatite mineralization

Engineering light-responsive E. coli functional biofilms as scaffolds for HA mineralization. Engineering light-responsive E. coli functional biofilms as scaffolds for HA mineralization. (a) Schematic illustration of wild-type E. coli biofilms comprising extracellular CsgA amyloid nanofibers, which are major biofilm protein components that contribute to robust adherence of biofilms to solid surfaces. (b) Schematic illustration of…Continue Reading

Georgians can’t escape political ads ahead of high-stakes Senate runoffs

Tolan J. Morgan, pastor of Fellowship Bible Baptist Church in the geographic center of a state at the center of the political universe, says he and his wife have been so deluged by campaign ads they have stopped watching live television. Instead, the couple is recording their favorite shows so they can fast-forward through the…Continue Reading

How race factors into decisions about who should get priority for COVID-19 vaccines

At the height of a pandemic that has torn through America’s communities of color with particular ferocity, health officials are engaged in a fraught exercise in fairness: how to nudge communities of color toward the front of the line for scarce vaccines while pretending that race and ethnicity have no influence on vaccine priority.The country…Continue Reading

How an $8 part from Walmart makes it safe for choirs to sing again

Baritone-for-hire David Newman was looking forward to a year of singing gigs.Then, in March, the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, two members of a choir in Washington state died, and dozens more fell ill after their two-hour practice became a super-spreader event.Concerts were quickly wiped from calendars around the world.“The piercing irony of having…Continue Reading